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Our software gives your marketing teams a smarter, faster, time-saving interaction platform to share their strategies with you — even when you’re busy or offline.


Inbound Smart Dashboard

Single View for Marketing Executives

Spreadsheets are great, but what about diving deeper into the individual campaigns, sales funnels, & content analysis daily?
Connect all of your third-party data resources on a smart dashboard & Market Metrics handles the rest. No more archaic spreadsheets, no more manually calculating analytics by viewing each marketing campaign.

Everything You Need To Know, Calculated

MarketMetrics guides your marketing team through strategies, tactics, & operations, similar to what you would do on marketing analysis report.
Nothing is too complicated to calculate. Our smart software makes it incredibly easy to automate diligence, first glances, and evaluation.

Multiple Users, Multiple Interests? No Problem.

We understand a marketing agency might curate invites one way for Data Source I and a completely different way for Data Source II. Connect each data source in your pipeline to your dashboard with one click.
No matter whether it is apples or oranges - Market Metrics knows how to calculate and customize their results just for you.

Organization Performance

Helpful Visual Reports For Your Entire Team

See your firm’s complete marketing performance at a glance, and stay in control of each strategy.
Benchmark visual reports display how many conversions you’re executing, what content performs best and how multi-point attribution is achieving.

Campaign Alert Notifications

Never miss a great opportunity again.

Every marketing team has significantly different strategy interests. Market Metrics customers get an alert from our smart software when a campaign in their pipeline scores higher than a threshold amount designated to your strategy.

Categorical Breakdowns

Sort marketing campaigns and account by their strengths and weaknesses. See how they stack up against each other with curated categories such as awareness, interactions, conversions, remarking, and many others.

It's like Google Analytics for your entire digital marketing campaign pipeline.

Support Your Entire Operation

Painless, Repeatable Operation

Answer a few questions, share your goals, and all of your marketing strategy analysis gets automated as if you did it yourself — without having to do it yourself.

For Your Whole Team

Keep your executive staff, sales team & clients in the loop. Multiple logins to your Market Metrics account make it easy for you, and the people you trust, to access and contribute to your deal flow.

Catch Up Deal Flow. Instantly

If you’re new to Market Metrics and have months of overdue analysis, our dashboard can get you caught up in no time. Connect your accounts and Market Metrics analyzes them. Easy as that.


At Market Metrics, we protect your data with 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption. That’s the same level of encryption you’ll find with online banking.

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