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Nick Swekosky - Updated: September 10th, 2020

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  • - What is Slack and why is it useful?
  • - Slack communities for marketing professionals
  • - Where to find more Slack communities

What is Slack and why is it useful?

Slack is a messaging tool that makes it easy for people to communicate in real time. I like to think of it as text-messaging but in a community environment rather than on a one-on-one basis.

For example, if I’m on the app with my co-workers Mike and Ryan, Slack enables us to chat in real time!

When using the app, people message each other in a specific workspace. A workspace can be considered a community of users. If necessary, users can join multiple workspaces.

For example, I can join a workspace for marketing professionals or one for startup founders. Therefore, if Mike and Ryan are both marketing professionals but not startup founders, they both will likely only be in the Slack workspace for marketing professionals.

Every workspace contains channels. Channels can be considered distinct groups to talk in realtime to one or more people.

For example, let’s say our workspace for marketing professionals has a different channel for advertising, social media, and marketing overall. In addition, here are the roles for Mike, Ryan, and I:

  • - Mike only does advertising
  • - Ryan only does social media marketing
  • - I do advertising and social media marketing

Then you will likely find Mike and I in the advertising channel, Ryan and I in the social media marketing channel, and all three of us in the marketing overall channel.

For more details on Slack features, we recommend taking a look at the Getting Started guide provided by Slack.

Slack communities for marketing professionals

Today, there are literally thousands of Slack workspaces to join. We've found the following to have the most engaging communities that are consistently having relevant conversations.

If you're not satisfied with any on this list, check out the directories at the bottom and see if there's another you find helpful. Or create your own!

1. Online Geniuses

How To Join: Sign up on their home page.

Cost: Free

Online Geniuses

2. #measure

How To Join: Receive an invite request by filling out their Google form.

Cost: Free


3. Market Metrics

How To Join: Get an invite from their website

Cost: Free

Market Metrics

4. Big SEO

How To Join: Fill out their Google form.

Cost: Free


5. Growmance

How To Join: Requst an invitation via email.

Cost: Free


6. Backlinks

How To Join: Apply to join for free.

Cost: Free


7. CRO Growth Hacks

How To Join: Request access on their website.

Cost: Free


Where to find more Slack communities

Because there are so many Slack communities to join, you may want to search for one specific to your own interests. Here is a list of directories that enable you to find Slack communities of any type. If one is still missing, go forward and create one yourself!

1. Slack list


2. Slofile


3. The full list of 400 Slack communities


4. 97 best slack communities for entrepreneurs


5. 8 Slack communities every marketer should join


6. 12 awesome #Slack communities for every professional


7. A directory of 1000 Slack communities


Written by Nick Swekosky, CEO of Market Metrics.