Incredibly Easy Marketing Analysis Automation

Introducing the versatile data collection analytics dashboard for busy marketing professionals. Goodbye to managing 20 spreadsheets and open browser tabs. Hello, automated campaign analysis.

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Introducing Market Metrics

Are you logging into multiple different services every month?

Not sure which campaigns affect your sales funnel?

Let Market Metrics take “sifting through the noise” off of your hands forever with our smart intake platform.

Each campaign is analyzed based on what you want to evaluate.

Custom, real-time marketing campaign analysis just for you

Real-time insights. Your exact marketing campaigns evaluated. Answers to all of the important questions without another spreadsheet or open tab.
We give every marketing team a dashboard based on what you want to connect and a chance to make the right first impression.

Data you can’t do without

Customized campaign breakdowns on every strategy based on your goals and objectives
At-a-glance visual reports help you see the big picture of your entire marketing strategy and give you actionable insights to help you execute your tactical plans quickly.
You’ll never be in the dark or miss a sales lead again.

More hours in the day

Less time sifting through third-party service dashboards means more time to focus on what you really care about — like improving your product, preparing for the next sale and working on the details of tomorrow.

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